You probably haven't done the before right? So let me help you with how the day plays out   Morning Of ...... I turn up bright and early to capture the preparation for the day. I don't anything from you at all, I am totally in the background, it's totally reportage. I'm not skulking around behind furniture though lol, I am there as part of the gang you with you, chatting, having a laugh, getting to know everyone. Actually on my wedding day this was such a favourite part of the day for me. Its the build up, watching everyone getting into their cool outfits, the reality dawning that the day is really happening. Ceremony I'll always get to the ceremony before the bride so I can photograph all your guests arriving and mingling. During the ceremony itself I am in place to get the most out of you seeing each other, the little looks between you two and all the the love in the room.   Drinks reception and speeches Once we are post ceremony I always find that you two are now sooooo relaxed. You're often like different people after the official stuff is over and you can just kick back and relax. Your gets are getting to know each other , everyone is wishing you well and its just a joyous time. The speeches too are a brilliant time to capture personalities, the laughter, many a few tears.   Groups We will capture the shots you need of family and bridal party, the are kept to a minumum, usually no more than 10-15 minutes at the most. I plan these out with you before the wedding so we know who we need and we're not waiting around for Uncle John come back from the loo. Shots of you two The are informal, relaxed, fun and I promise will be a nice time for you both. I often break these sessions up into to parts. Ao minutes after the ceremony and ( time of year dependant) the second session after dinner when the light is low and flattering and you both are feeling super chilled ( maybe with a bit of wine inside of you lol) and some of my favourite photos are captured at this time. I never really pose people, I'm not going to put your arm here and your foot there and do anything that isn't you. I use the light, location and the viv=be between you two to simply put you where I need to but after that I'm just photographing what's going on with you both. These photos need to totally reflect who you are as people.   Feeling comfortable in front of the camera  Don't worry, it's my job to make you feel comfortable and I think you can see from my images on my site that i do that pretty well. I have been shooting couples for a long time and I know how to get the best out of you. I always tell my couples too that you do half the job for me, you will be on such a high that this really does radiate form you. that might sound a bit cheesy but its true. A truly happy person having a truly happy day will always be beautiful and a joy for me to photograph. The Party I always advise having a first dance if you can. It's just a great way too get the party started. Even if you can only stand being on the floor for 10 seconds thats cool, just get everyone to join you immediately. I LOVE photographing the dance floor, everyone is relaxed, maybe a teeny tiny bit drunk and by now everyone has forgotten I'm there so I can really get the best out of that.