The 5 Steps To Your Wedding Photography

Step 1

Explore my work. Look at what I do. Everything is here from my portfolio, to what my clients have said through to full weddings. This is the best way you can get to know my style and even my personality. Be sure that what you see here is a good fit for you guys.

Step 2

Get in touch. You could be looking at my site today and I will have availability for your date but by tomorrow someone else may have booked it. Always get in touch as early as you can so I have you in my system, that way if I did get another enquiry for your date I can let you know.  I will send you my brochure after I check my availability. All my pricing is clear here on the site but the brochure goes into a lot more detail. You can then get back to me with any questions you might have, I'm more than happy to chat back and forth as much as you need to. Over the course of our conversations I will give you access to my bookings page too.

Step 3

Booking. We may have spoken via email, Skype , phone or real life and now you are ready to go ahead.  All you have to do is click Accept on my Booking Form and that will out everything into motion. From here you can sign your contract, pick your package and pay your deposit. Once that's done the date is all yours and is taken off my available dates.

Step 4

The Wedding Day All the relevant info I need from you guys will have been gathered when you booked and also in subsequent chats before the wedding. On the wedding day itself basically you have an incredible day and I'll crack on with documenting it in the very best way possible for you.  I will be in the background covering all the important moments all day. For any of  family/ group photos we will have talked about who we need for them and when we're doing them beforehand also. They will take no more than 10/ 15 mins. For the photos of you two together I take you aside for 15 minutes before dinner and light depending ( also time of year, weather etc) after dinner for another 10 minutes. Then you go back to your guests and I go back to capturing all the fun!

Step 5

After I like to a send you a preview a few days after the wedding and the rest will be with you via a gorgeous online gallery 6-8 weeks later.