Two beautiful girls got married….When I met Laura May and Liv to chat about their wedding last year I knew I was going to fall head over heels for these girls. Beautiful, quirky, clever and really flipping funny, I should hate them really!! These two are so crazy in love that it’s actually a bit infectious. Seeing Liv’s face when Laura May walked down the aisle was incredible, what a smile! I think a little tear rolled down my cheek behind the camera at that point.

Gettting married outdoors at Alexander House hotel was perfect and a great big reception complete with drag queens later was amazing. I love the portraits we got, spacing them out before and after dinner worked really nicely. We were blessed with beautiful light and I was blessed with two beauties to photograph.

Laura May looked so beautiful in their dresses, really bloody stunning!! Their friends and families were gorgeous, so welcoming and a great laugh

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