Shady and The Lamp

I was really happy to be asked to do this shoot in Dublin last week. Sarah from Shady and The Lamp wanted some new shots of her her and her amazing new workshop on Francis Street in Dublin. I loved shooting here, it’s a real old area of Dublin known as The Liberties and it was a gift for photographs, the graffiti alone was worth getting on a plane for. I shot some of this on film, something I’m doing more and more of again, I loved what we got from my trusty old Bronica. So,here we are, a short and sweet trip to Ireland to work with cool very cool, creative, talented, funny and superduper amazing people.

Thank you to Sarah for giving me free reign and ┬áto Niamh O’Dea for you lending your amazing stylist skills.



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Wow, these are terrific! Great images, and the shop (and Sarah) looks fab!

Oh Jacqui, how can I thank you enough! I’m so happy with my photographs. That’s the website, publications and social media all covered. You were an absolute pleasure to work with, especially skilled in handling self conscious, slightly nervous subjects!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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