A Rainy Sussex Wedding

Hannah and Shaun had a fantastic rainy and fun sussex wedding a few weeks ago. It rained, like proper rained a lot on the day but the sun came out later and everyone had THE BEST time!!! Seriously, this was a fun wedding.

They married in Waldron Church  and this is the second time I’ve been there this summer. The vicar still doesn’t allow photos during the ceremony, shame but we got plenty of great shots later. The reception was on family land down the road and it was such a beautiful setting, right on a lake with a fabulous marquee set up for dinner and lots of dancing. Actually a lot of the dancing took place outside in the mud. After dinner and after the rain the sun came out and everyone went crazy. It was brilliant! I loved seeing Hannah totally in the moment dancing in her bare feet !

This really was a fun day, so may great people, lovely friends and family. Hannah and Shaun are in for a fab life together and if their wedding is anything to go by there will be lots of fun along the way.




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