I have worked as a photographer for over 20 years.

Tap into my unique knowledge.

It's so easy to get stuck in rut with your work and with your business. Having an overview of your business from someone who can be impartial can make a huge difference in moving your forward. Accountability can also really help you put your ideas into action.
All sessions are online unless otherwise stated

2 hour session

We will have a general overview of your business and you can let me know your areas of concern. This a perfect session for someone who needs fresh eyes on their business or wants to take their business to the next level.

This will include overview of your portfolio, website, workflow and lead generation


4 hour session

2 sessions over 4 weeks
You can let me know the exact areas you are struggling with

An overview of your website, SEO options and lead generation. An in depth review of your workflow.
The first session will find areas that will need to be refined and the second session will look at what changes were made and the outcome.


12 weeks one to one mentoring

2 hour session every 2 weeks for 12 weeks
This package will go over all aspects of your business taking you from how you get your leads through to booking, delivery to your client and additional revenue streams after that.
A look at your image delivery system set up to help you increase sales, Pic-Time is my speciality a I already train photographers directly for Pic-Time.
We will look at your editing and get you comfortable with your unique Lightroom editing style.
This will also include a half day session with me either in my studio or at a wedding.
A technical session where we go over areas you do not feel confident in
There will also be one photo project based learning, choosing a concept through to shooting and editing the final selection.


Want to ask me more about mentoring?

I can only take on a limited amount of sessions so please contact me for availability as soon as you can

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