Micro Wedding at The Royal Pavilion

Tania and Peter finally got to have there a micro wedding at The Royal Pavilion in May. After changes and uncertainty it was amazing for them to finally get married. I have to say that it felt so good to be back shooting again.

The Royal Pavilion

A micro wedding at The Royal Pavilion was the perfect way to get back to weddings. I have shot there so many times and its a venue I love. I got married there myself in 2015 so its full of happy memories. Seeing Sarah and Trish from the team there was pretty emotional, it was hard to not give them a hug!

Its always a thrill to photograph a wedding here, whether thats a micro wedding or hopefully soon, a full wedding

micro wedding at the royal pavilion brighton

Micro weddings

What I am learning being back shooting weddings is that they have changed. They  have become, more than ever, about the people and not all the fuss that surrounds a wedding day. So many couples are choosing to go ahead with a small wedding. Tania and Peter this did perfectly. They had just them and their kids at The Royal pavilion and then they went back home for a private dinner. The welcome they got from their neighbours when they got home was AMAxING!!!! It made me want to move to their street. Everyone was out to wish them well.  Tania and Peter floated in the front door for a meal made for them by a private chef in the living room.

This was the best wedding that I could have come back to work with.

micro wedding at the royal pavilion Brighton

The personal chef Peter and Tania used was https://perfectchef4u.com/
For information on getting married at The Royal Pavilion

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