Joanne Fleming Design show in St Petersburg, Russia

For those of you that know my work you will know I have been photographing Joanne Fleming‘s amazing designs for a long time.

Jo was invited to show her work at the stunning Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace in St Petersburg and I tagged along to photograph behind the scenes. We had the most amazing few days and we both fell totally and madly in love with St Petersburg.

We decided before we went that we wanted this whole shoot in black and white, to just soak up the atmosphere in monochrome. Jo took great inspiration from the colours of the city, I will leave it to her to share those in her next collection.

So on a rainy night in St Petersburg 17 beautiful Russian girls walked the catwalk in Joanne’s stunning dresses and it was amazing.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful and lovely people listed below. We feel we have made some fantastic new friends and we are in awe of your talent and creativity.

The lovely Kate, our translator, you worked so hard but alway had a beautiful smile on your face.

Marina: Event Manager http://www.wed-manager.com

Olga: Accessories   http://vk.com/olgadelice

Hair and makeup by Backstage http://as-bs.ru

Wedding Magazine http://www.wedding-magazine.ru

Model Agency http://www.selectdeluxe.ru

Photographers http://www.alexphoto.ru

Hotel and all the brilliant staff http://www.fourseasons.com/stpetersburg/

Florist: http://www.vincenzodascanio.it

DSC_2718 DSC_2722 DSC_2730 DSC_2752 DSC_2771DSC_2776DSC_2788DSC_2796DSC_2800DSC_2807DSC_2845DSC_2852DSC_2854DSC_2866DSC_2867DSC_2868DSC_2876DSC_2880DSC_2888DSC_2895DSC_2901DSC_2905DSC_2909DSC_2916DSC_2925DSC_2940DSC_2945DSC_2956DSC_2978DSC_2983DSC_2986DSC_2989DSC_2998DSC_3010DSC_3016DSC_3024DSC_3037DSC_3042DSC_3081DSC_3082DSC_3093DSC_3129DSC_3130DSC_3142DSC_3145DSC_3148DSC_3154DSC_3170DSC_3175DSC_3186DSC_3191DSC_3209DSC_3241DSC_3252DSC_3253DSC_3257DSC_3262DSC_3264DSC_3273DSC_3280DSC_3297DSC_3299DSC_3304DSC_3307DSC_3320DSC_3334DSC_3372DSC_3375DSC_3390DSC_3415DSC_3416DSC_3422DSC_3429DSC_3434DSC_3438DSC_3454DSC_3461DSC_3462DSC_3463DSC_3464DSC_3468DSC_3470DSC_3476DSC_3479DSC_3481DSC_3485DSC_3487DSC_3490DSC_3493DSC_3503DSC_3508DSC_3513DSC_3532DSC_3538DSC_3540DSC_3556DSC_3557DSC_3567DSC_3569DSC_3585DSC_3586DSC_3597DSC_3600DSC_3602DSC_3620DSC_3621DSC_3623DSC_3637

Love, love, love them! Beautiful work as ever Jacqui :)

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