Jan and Matt, a Kent wedding

Matt and Jan had a beautiful wedding at Frasers in Kent, all planned from their in home Singapore. They had such a clear and beautiful vision for what they wanted for their wedding and it all came together perfectly. Frasers is a wonderful venue, and to be able to get married outside was the icing on the cake for this english countryside wedding. The celebrant, Katie put so much thought into the ceremony, it all felt so personal … just wonderful. There were some pretty emotional moments involving friends and family during the ceremony that made it all so much more poignant. Matt and Jan have been together for many years having met and in Paris and it was truly touching to see such an outpouring of love from them both and everyone present too.

I loved all the Danish customs ( Jan is from Denmark), like everyone lining up to kiss one of the grooms when the other left the room. I think all weddings should have this! All the guests put so much effort into being part of the day with poems, songs and even dance. The whole day felt so special.

I thought the boys looked really handsome in their blue suits too, and of course the colour blue featured strongly in all the decor, which looked stunning.

I wish these two lovely men a future as happy as the years they have already had together.

Frasers weddings at Coldharbour Farm

Celebrant Katie Keen


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