Hawthbush Farm Wedding, an outdoor ceremony for Chloe and Heather

Hawthbush Farm Wedding

Hawthbush Farm is an awesome venue and with the beautiful styling of Heather and Chloe’s wedding it was simply magical!! I first met Heather and Chloe when they were fairly newly together ( and being super flirty with each other!!) at Chloe’s brothers; fantastic wedding a few years back. I actually looked at them and though: these two are gonna get married for sure, hope they call me. I really did!!

So when they got in touch I was thrilled and I knew it was going to be epic. Chloe co-owns the fabulous Closet and Botts  in Lewes and has an amazing eye for detail.   The whole set up was just stunning!! The ceremony was outside in the woods and it was perfect, so touching and personal. From there we walked back down the lane to the barn and party area and the table design and layouts were the nicest I have ever seen. After a few drinks there we took a trip back to were they married and it was lovely to be there when it was just us, a beautiful spot and I think they enjoyed taking in what happened there an hour before.

I loved Heather’s outfit, she looked super, super cool and the big massive smile on her face finished off her outfit to perfection. Chloe wore her grandmother’s dress, how cool is that! She changed into another glamorous dress later on in the evening because why wear one amazing dress when you can wear two.

Chloe and Heather are really properly in love, its actually kind of infectious. You can see on the photos how they look at each other. I had a pain in my face from smiling while I edited these.

Hawthbush Farm

Epic DJing from Dean  at Kestrel Events 

The stunning food that was laid out as sharing platters was from the very talented people at Sultan’s Delights from Brighton

Chloe’s brothers wedding is here Tim and Kim 

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That’s an epic collection! Amazing!

Incredible work. Absolutely smashed it!

A beautiful day, a beautiful couple and all with stunning pictures.


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