The George in Rye, Jo and James

Jo and James had a gorgeous wedding at The George in Rye. Always one of my favourite venues, I couldn’t actually count how many weddings I have shot there over the last few years. Each wedding you shoot brings it’s own energy and Jo and James are such an ace couple, full of humour and warmth. Of course James being Irish kind of notches up the whole warmth and humour bit, it’s in our genes, we just can’t help it!! : )

Jo seemed so calm as she was getting ready but I think she was doing that thing of zoning it all because it all seemed so surreal. As we left her room there was a smell of cooking coming from the hotel kitchen. She said “it’s ok, I can smell burgers, everything is normal”. Ha, bless her, quote of the wedding season!!

They had their ceremony in the ballroom of The George in Rye and it all looked beautiful as it did a couple of hours later when they sat down to eat. After dinner Jo, James and I went for a little stroll and got those lovely summer evening shots that are so special.

Oh, and of course there was Jo’s Mum’s dog, how cute!! I think I was a bit obsessed with him. Between him and adorable flower girls there was a lot of cuteness going on. Jo and James looked stunning and they are so lovely together, really supportive of each other and they can really make each other laugh.

It was a pleasure to be part of this great day and to share it with so many lovely people. Jo and her Mum really missed her Dad who wasn’t well enough to be there but they did him proud.

Jo and James I wish you much love and laughter and a happy, happy marriage xxx

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