How It Works

I have shot 800 + weddings over the years and this means I bring all that experience to your wedding. I know how a day flows and where to be at the right times. I know how to keep you calm when needed and how to stay in the background and just capture the moment from a discreet distance at the most important times.

A full day package is the best way to get the most out of your wedding photography. I arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony to where you are getting ready. I love this time, I get to spend time capturing the final preparations and watch the excitement build. This is when the creativity begins and from here all day long I am looking for moments and light. After the ceremony we put some time aside for formal photographs. I advise that you keep these to minimum and we will discuss the shots that we need to get prior to the wedding. I always say if you are looking for a million formal pictures than I am not your photographer. I am there to capture the day as it unfolds rather than a million family combinations. We will of course photograph you and your Mums and Dads and family, a nice handful of importance shots.

I like to have a little time with the happy couple alone, this is the time where you get to really talk and see each other properly for the first time. I do pose these shots but not overly so. I need to get you in the right light and to make sure we are making the most of the location but within that time I am capturing lots of fun, spontaneous and candid images.

The speeches, first dance, general merriment and all those moments that go by in a blur are all captured throughout the day.

My main objective is that you enjoy having your photos taken. For the portraits we can just have fun and for the candid shots I don’t even want you to know I’m there.

After the wedding I take 4 to 6 weeks to edit your images, you will receive a beautifully presented USB Flash Drive with aprox 400-500 images, you will also have a lovely online gallery and I will write a blog feature on your day.
I work with the best albums companies out there and if you choose to have an album we can start work on that in the months after your wedding.


A full day package starts at £1850. half day £1350. Mid week and smaller packages are always available too. I love shooting anything from small quirky weddings through to weekend long celebrations, all enquires welcome!!
I have a brochure full of all the info you will need on all day packages as well as info on smaller weddings so please get in touch.