Amazing Destination Wedding French Alps 2019

Destination Wedding in the French Alps

You get an enquiry for a  destination wedding in the french alps  you think cool, who doesn’t love a wedding a France. Then you start to realise this isn’t going to be an ordinary wedding. I love the feeling I get when I realise a wedding is going to be different, absolutely unique to your clients.

Kylie was from the US, studying in Tanzania, found me in the UK on an American wedding blog and wanted me to come to a little village in the French Alps to photograph her wedding to Larry. Life sends you on a funny roundabout path sometimes.

Meeting Kylie and Larry after all our chats was lovely as I knew it would be. It was like meeting old friends. One of my favourite memories was photographing Kylie after she got into her vintage dress and put on her Mother’s wedding veil. We had a few moments on our own in this beautiful room and I love the images.

Andy was off with Larry and the boys capturing the last minute preparations. I love ( as does Kylie) that Larry still had paint on his hands as he headed up the hill to marry Kylie.

This destination wedding in the french alps was totally personal,  individual and from the heart. The ceremony took place on a field above Larry’s Aunt & Uncle’s house in The Alps. The seating was rugs on the floor and everyone sang and laughed through this whole magical shared experience. Somehow the wind didn’t knock over the Chuppah and a double rainbow appeared even though there was no rain.


I want all my weddings to be like this. Larry and Kylie are truly special people that I hope I will always know.   I am certain that he will make her laugh every day, that was what I loved about them, how easily they laughed together. Their friends and family were brilliant and Andy and I felt like we’d known them forever.

There was moment on the mountain when I thought wow, look at where we are, life is amazing.

Please enjoy this destination wedding in the glorious french alps

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Kylie found me via http://apracticalwedding.com/

Destination wedding French Alps
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