A classic english wedding in Alfriston and Rathfinny

Sophie and Toby had a classic english wedding at Alfriston and Rathfiiny  The ceremony took place in The Old Chapel Centre, such a lovely place to get married. Afterwards we took some photos in the village before heading to Rathfinny Wine Estate. The venue was perfect with lunch taking place overlooking the vineyard. Toby is from Australia as were half of the guests so they might have felt quite at home in such a beautiful setting.. To photograph here was a joy, so much natural light and a chance to get right in amongst the vines for some photos of this lovely couple. At the start of the day, just as I was photographing Sophie she had “that moment”, where it hits you and you have to take a deep breath and stop for a second. Twenty minutes later as I was photographing Toby he had the same moment. You’ll see when you come to the side by side photos what I mean. I thought it was very sweet that the day became real to them both in the same way.

Toby and Sophie were wonderful to photograph, the happiness and love just radiated from them both the whole time.

The day after the wonderful day at Rathfinny there was a great party across from Sophie’s parents house. I’m a fan of a two day wedding, lots of fun and why not spread the love over a whole weekend.

Sophie’s lovely Mum Catherine worked so hard at planning this wedding and she did a superb job!!

I hope these photos bring back nice memories for everyone that was there. It was a really beautiful wedding to be involved in.

A huge thanks to Bryony, Fabi and Emma from Blue Door Barn Events  for all their hard work.





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