Ceri and Adrian returned from Singapore to marry in Ceri’s native wales. The location for the ceremony was stunning, a beautiful church way, way up in the hills.  The Brecon Beacons couldn’t be more beautiful  and I had great fun driving around tiny country roads and not actually getting lost!

We had a random passerby almost roll her car right in front of the church just as Ceri arrived at the church, The ushers came to the rescue marvellously and of course it had to be captured on camera! Love a bit of drama!

Ceri look stunning in her Jenny Packham dress and the welsh daffodils were in full bloom.

This gorgeous wedding in Wales felt very special and I was really happy to have been been part of it.

A huge, thanks to te gorgeous Emma of Slyvie & Joan. If you are looking for an amazing wedding planner she’s your lady!

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