A Brighton wedding with a Joanne Fleming dress

Joanne Fleming Wedding Dress


When Miriam first came to me she mentioned that Joanne Fleming was making her dress and I knew from there that we would be on the same page. I have worked with Jo for years and she also made my own wedding dress. Miriam had wonderful ideas for her dress and the venue she and Tan married at couldn’t have been more perfect. The Royal Pavilion is amazing anyway but as part one of their wedding it was the perfect match for the their second ceremony which will be held in India.

When we had our pre wedding shoot it was clear that Tan too had great vision for the wedding and was involved in a photography project of his own on the lead up to the wedding.I love working with creative people and when it came to the wedding day we had so much time to create some beautiful portraits. Miriam and Tan met at Sussex University and after lunch in town at Cote we headed out there for their reception which was held at their old student union bar, how cool is that!

Tan and Miriam looked so good and I love their passion for photography. Thanks you both for being so fantastic!! And to your wonderful families too xxx



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