A Brighton Royal Pavilion Wedding, Steve and Paula’s fun filled day

Brighton Royal Pavilion Wedding

Steve and Paula got married at the gorgeous Brighton Royal Pavilion wedding  and we had the most epic day!! They have 3 fabulous children and brilliant friends who were such fun all day long.

We started off the day at their house in Hove where the excitement really started to build. I love it when kids are old enough to really get what’s happening, they make the day all the more magical really. From there we travelled in style into town for their ceremony at The Royal Pavilion. I am so lucky that this amazing  location is right on my doorstep in Brighton. I will never tire of photographing weddings there.

I chose it for my own wedding too!!

After a lovely ceremony which was full of laughter we took some  family photos in The Music Room and around the grounds.  On the way to the reception we went to the seafront for some shots. Paula and Steve are proper music lovers so we decided to go down The Concord and even managed to sneak in! They go to so many gigs there so to get a cheeky wedding pic in there was pretty cool.

The reception at Blanch House in Kemptown was just gorgeous!! They had even had the amazing Professor Elemental kicking off the dancing and shanannigans after dinner. He was amazing and everyone was on their feet from the second he started.

So much fun and so much dancing!!

This wedding was full of personal touches that made it all the more special. Their love of music and dancing was a huge part of the celebrations and it really felt like the kind of day that reflected Paul and Steve’s personality. Thats what you want from your wedding, a day that says so much about you as a couple and as a family.

Perfect x

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