Balinacurra House Wedding

Balinacurra House Wedding

When you get asked to shoot a Balinacurra House Wedding, a stunning venue in your home town of Cork, Ireland, you don’t say no. When you find out that the ceremony is at the unbelievably beautiful Gougane Barra Church its a matter of packing your bags and going.

Irish wedding at ballinacurra houseWeddings in Cork

This wedding was actually my first chance to go home post-Covid so that made the day really special. Daire and PJ, like many others, had postponed twice so there was even more cause for celebration when the day arrived.

Gougane Barra

Gougane Barra is a truly magical spot, and I mean that in every sense. It’s on this tiny island right by a magnificent Forest Park at the edge of the Sheehy mountains. It’s a tiny chapel and you can’t fit very many people in there. For the guests that can’t fit they can idle away the time in one of the most beautiful places you can ever imagine.

After the ceremony, a few of us drove into the Forrest and my jaw dropped, I hadn’t been there since I was a kid, its amazing in there!

Gougane Barra Wedding

Balainacurra House

This amazing house has been home to a few rock stars in its time. It now lends itself beautifully to hosting wedding weekends. It’s brilliant for a wedding photographer, so many beautiful rooms and locations to shoot in.
I totally fell in love with Daire and PJ and the venues they chose for their wedding suited them perfectly. Traditional, magical, beautiful and a bit quirky. I felt totally at a home shooting this wedding and I’d happily do it all again.

Balinacurra House WeddingBalinacurra House WeddingBalinacurra House WeddingBalinacurra House Wedding Balinacurra House Wedding Balinacurra House Wedding Balinacurra House Wedding Balinacurra House Wedding


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