About Me

Here I am

I’m Irish, from Cork but have lived right by the beach in Brighton for nearly 20 years. Picking up a camera at 19 years old was a defining moment for me, I found what I was meant to do. Took me a while to figure it all out of course! And now  I have shot over 850 weddings all over the UK and abroad. I LOVE to travel so combining my love of photography with that is a dream. I put a lot of love into my work, it’s 100% my passion. I’m married to Andy (our wedding was in Brighton 3 years ago and it was THE best day!) who also works with me as a second shooter from time to time.

Oh and I love red wine and sausage dogs but not together.


Some Facts About Me


I love to travel, favourite places are West Cork ( wish I could live there), Cornwall, Prague ( I used to live there) , Tuscanny and Thailand. I’ll aways love that feeling of arriving in a new country or city, I get such a buzz from it.

Personality wise I think my friends would describe me as strong , never shy to share an opinion but also quite a bit of a softie.

If someone makes me laugh I want to be their best friend forever. My husband made me proper belly laugh from day one. I hope you’re marrying someone who makes you laugh the same way.

My perfect day off is an afternoon at the cinema, a Sunday roast in a cosy pub with a nice glass of red and home to the sofa for any murder / food / travel /music documentary that I can find on Netflix.

I go shopping for something bright & colourful to wear and come home with 3 black tops.

I will own a dog  in the next couple of years for sure!

Sometimes I go to the gym loads sometimes I don’t go for months. Weddings are my workout!


“Jacqui was the perfect wedding photographer! She took time to get to know us and exactly what we wanted and the photos are absolutely stunning. Her professionalism and her wicked sense of humour made our day so much better!”

How I Work

I shoot in a very relaxed and informal way ......

 I’m not in your face and am mainly in the background all day. I’m always looking for the the small moments, emotions of the day and finding the right light resulting in strong and vibrant images. My job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and I feel the images you see here on the site show you that I’m pretty good at that!! So many of my clients tell me that I make them feel really relaxed and I’m super proud of that.

On a wedding day I arrive to document the getting ready. I shoot what I see and don’t set anything up. This is how the whole day goes really. The only time I need to slip out from the shadows is for group shots and the shots of you two on your own. I often break the portraits of you into 2 sessions, before dinner and when the light is softer in the early evening. This is what we call Golden Hour and is my favourite time to shoot you two. The light is soft and you are so much more relaxed. I only need you for 10-15 minutes at the most. For these we go off for a short while and I never pose you but I will put you in the right light/ landscape. The shots I get of you are natural and really are just capturing you as the couple you are. The next time you might be aware of me is when I’m in the middle of it all on the dance floor photographing all the fun and madness.

Getting to know you ...

We start off a bit shy but by the end of this year or next there’s a good chance I’ll have seen some of you in your pants! That’s the getting ready bit of the day, don’t be scared!!  I’ll have met your best mates and had lovely chats with your families. I’ll have seen that one mate go insane on the dance floor and get drunk before everyone else ( you already know what friend that is). I’ll be there for huge moments in your life that will happen all in one day. We may even hug each other for dear life as I say goodbye and I might photograph your babies later on should that be your path. It’s crazy isn’t it!!! So much happens after that initial email, blows my mind really.

“Loving photography I saw Jacqui’ s work and was so glad I chose her for our day. Jacqui captured every precious moment, making the whole day come alive again through her skilful, energetic raw talent. I can’t recommend Jacqui enough and now I have amazing memories that will last a life time. thank you!”