About Me

Hey there, I'm Jacqui, an Irish Girl living by the seaside in Brighton. The big loves in my life are traveling, music, photography, my friends, my family and my funny, handsome husband Andy. My Style is documentary in its roots but very much with an artistic side.

Capturing what's real is my passion. Using the environment and the light to create beautiful portraits of you two is the icing on the cake to all that. I do this job because I adore capturing people as they really are, recording amazing moments in peoples lives.

I have captured this amazing day for over 850 couples, I still think that's insane! My clients tell me I make them laugh and feel super comfortable on the day and most of my work comes from them referring me to their families and friends.

We were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by our wedding photos! I cried my happy little eyes out looking through them! The quality is outstanding and far surpassed our high expectations. Every, single image is beautiful, flawless and perfectly captures the uniqueness of our day. Jacqui has a way of capturing those perfect little moments, a quick glance, a silly joke, that if you blinked, you’d miss. She was the perfect wedding photographer; calm, reassuring and great fun, but entirely professional. I would have absolutely no hesitation in saying you need this woman at your wedding!

I want you to feel like this when you see your wedding photos.  I am super excited to hear from you, so let’s chat and let’s get your wedding date on my calendar before someone else books me and snags your wedding date!

Random Facts About Me

• How I got Started

By being cheeky! I told someone I was photographer when I really wasn't yet. Anyway, it worked and I began my photography life as a press photographer.

• How my Husband proposed

In Prague, wasn't very clear about it so I had to ask him if he was actually proposing : )

• Favourite Places I've visited

Thailand, The Greek Islands, Tuscany, South Of France, New York, Anywhere in Ireland, Prague, all of the Czech Republic, St Petersburg, New Zealand. New York, California, Paris, Barcelona.

• Favourite TV

Any murder/ food documentary on Netflix, If you could combine the both I'll be all in! Music documentaries on BBC4. I do love an old movie, especially any Hitchcock films.
Guilty pleasures: First Dates, Real Housewives (sorry!)

• Favourite Tipple

Red Wine, all the way. Put that with a Sunday roast in cosy pub and I'm in heaven

• Favourite Distractions

Dogs, I'm obsessed! Haven't got one yet so I bide my time by watching cute videos and stopping in my tracks when any gorgeous doggy walk by. The Beach. Dinners with my Husband. Having big loud conversations and laughs with my friends. Lying on the sofa doing absolutely nothing the day after a wedding, husband calls it my wedding hangover. Listening to 6 music while I do my editing, cooking, lying down, well, everything really. .

Greece, our happy place
Me & Andy in NYC
Thailand, Our Unforgettable Honeymoon

“Jacqui was the perfect wedding photographer! She took time to get to know us and exactly what we wanted and the photos are absolutely stunning. Her professionalism and her wicked sense of humour made our day so much better!”

How I Work

I shoot in a very relaxed and informal way ......

 I’m not in your face and am mainly in the background all day. I’m always looking for the the small moments, emotions of the day and finding the right light resulting in strong and vibrant images. My job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and I feel the images you see here on the site show you that I’m pretty good at that!!

On a wedding day I arrive to document the getting ready. I shoot what I see and don’t set anything up. This is how the whole day goes really. The only time I need to slip out from the shadows is for group shots and the shots of you two on your own. I often break the portraits of you into 2 sessions, before dinner and when the light is softer in the early evening. This is what we call Golden Hour and is my favourite time to shoot you two. The light is soft and you are so much more relaxed. I only need you for 10-15 minutes at the most. For these we go off for a short while and I never pose you but I will put you in the right light/ landscape. The shots I get of you are natural and really are just capturing you as the couple you are. The next time you might be aware of me is when I’m in the middle of it all on the dance floor photographing all the fun and madness.

Getting to know you ...

We start off a bit shy but by the end of this year or next there’s a good chance I’ll have seen some of you in your pants! That’s the getting ready bit of the day, don’t be scared!!  I’ll have met your best mates and had lovely chats with your families. I’ll have seen that one mate go insane on the dance floor and get drunk before everyone else ( you already know what friend that is). I’ll be there for huge moments in your life that will happen all in one day. We may even hug each other for dear life as I say goodbye and I might photograph your babies later on should that be your path. It’s crazy isn’t it!!! So much happens after that initial email, blows my mind really.

“Loving photography I saw Jacqui’ s work and was so glad I chose her for our day. Jacqui captured every precious moment, making the whole day come alive again through her skilful, energetic raw talent. I can’t recommend Jacqui enough and now I have amazing memories that will last a life time. thank you!”