Hello! I’m Jacqui

I have shot over 800 weddings all over the UK and Worldwide

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer shooting all over the UK and Worldwide

My style is very natural, unobtrusive with an artistic feel.
I'm from Cork in Ireland originally and now live with my husband Andy in Brighton.

Things I love: Traveling, especially back home to spend time in beautiful West Cork. I love a big glass of red wine with a delicious Sunday roast. As well as shooting weddings I am also lucky enough to have a portrait studio in Hove and I adore spending time there.

I like to make sure I am a calming, relaxing presence when I'm photographing you.

Your photos should make you feel something, they should capture you as you really and be honest and real.

Great photography is about the human connections and I know I can make you feel relaxed in front of my camera.

On your wedding day I will be...

Looking for the real moments

Weddings days involve a million plans but what you can't plan for is how people will react, for real displays of emotion. Thats what I am always looking for, capturing the actual feelings of the day is what I strive for.

Blending in

You won't really be aware that I am there for most of the day. I am in the background, mingling with guests, watching and capturing all the bits that you either didn't notice or missed

Watching the light

On any day the light changes so much and, especially for the portraits of you two, I am constantly looking for the perfect light. Often in the early evening of a summer wedding we will get beautiful light and I may tap you on the shoulder and ask you to join me in that for 10 minutes.

What I love about shooting weddings

The unpredicability

While a wedding day has certain parts that may be the same each time, most weddings take on a life of their own as the day goes on. Even after all the weddings I have shot I still get a huge kick out of how different each wedding is.

Meeting people

I love meeting new people and getting to know my clients is one of my favourite parts of the job. I have stayed in touch with so many of the couples I shot and love to see them again when thy recommend me to friends and family.

The creativity

The people who book me trust my vision and my style. We will have talked in detail before the day about whats important to you. I shoot that and more with my own signature creative style.

Your wedding is unique, your photos will be too

No two of my weddings will ever look the same. Your personalities will always be at the forefront and thats what makes my photos stand out.

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