You need to know who will be with you on on such a huge day in your lives

“You’d be mad to not book Jacqui for your big day! We love her “

A little bit about your Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Jacqui. I live right by the beach here in Brighton with my husband Andy.

I started my career rather randomly as Press photographer in the Czech Republic. I got into weddings a few years later and fell in love with how creative I could be and the human connection that is at the very core of capturing a wedding.

I shoot weddings because I genuinely get a kick out of them. I am the biggest people watcher you can imagine ( some might say nosey! ) so doing this for a living is just fantastic. A wedding day is a micro version of your whole life condensed into one single day. All of your favourite people under one roof together. I find that fascinating, young and old all meeting quite often for the first time. The only reason that this happens is that somehow the universe put you two together and now here we all are!  It’s a pretty incredible day when you think about that way. So that’s why I do what I do really. Sharing that with you guys is an absolute pleasure and a privilege.




"I can't recommened Jacqui enough! she was amazing on the day, making us both feel so relaxed."


I can’t recommened Jacqui enough! she was amazing on the day, making us both feel so relaxed. The way she captured the day was just perfect and she really understood our relaxed approach to our wedding day.
She made the experience so much fun as we were both slightly nervous and not naturals behind a camera!
Thank you Jacqui for helping us make  our day so amazing!

For me all my clients are like family. I never turn up to a wedding thinking I’m walking into a room full of strangers even though technically I am. I’m just someone who is comfortable meeting lots of people, getting to know who is important to you both and carrying on with getting brilliant photos for you.

I’m as happy photographing weddings in locations I know well as totally new venues and locations. I’ve photographed weddings in Tuscany, The French Alps, Paris, Prague and New York as well all over the UK. 2020 is taking to me Ireland and Scotland for some great weddings, can’t wait.

My favourite things outside of weddings are red wine, a good old murder documentary on Netflix , Sunday Roasts in a cosy pub, the beach in winter and getting on a plane to anywhere!! I’m Irish, I left there quite a few years ago now but when I go home everyone likes to tell me I have an English accent. You’ll find out when you meet me that I totally don’t!

So me in a nutshell: a warm, friendly, fun and caring photographer who wants YOU to have the best wedding photos possible. I want you to have the wedding day you deserve and stunning photos to look back at.