A Passion for capturing the connection between people

Shooting your wedding with confidence , style and experience. How I see things, what I capture isn’t the same everyone else. It’s totally my style, developed over 800 weddings and always with my client in mind.

I shoot with the very best Nikon cameras and I use prime lenses to get the best images possible. I have back up equipment with me at all times, back ups of the back up even!

I am mainly in the background all day, shooting in a candid reportage style. I step out of the shadows for the beautiful portraits of you two.


I have photographed this amazing day for over 800 couples. I’ve been told I bring warmth and humour to my weddings which my lovely clients say helps them to relax.

Your Photographer

I'm Irish, have lived here in Brighton for 20 years now. I think there's just something in any Irish person's DNA is that we can talk to anyone about anything. This works soooo well for being a wedding photographer. Turning up to a family home or a hotel in the Tuscany countryside on the morning of a wedding you need to feel comfortable so that everyone else is comfortable with you.

I'm  ridiculously happily married to Andy.  Our favourite things are planning where our next trip will be, deciding what we'll have for our dinner and opening a bottle of wine. That's married life I guess : )

A little bit about the person who'll be with you for a rathe important day

I started my career rather randomly as Press photographer in the Czech Republic. I got into weddings a few years later and fell in love with how creative I could be and the human connection that is at the very core of capturing a wedding.

I love a good laugh more than anything and have found myself having the best time at weddings with my couples and their brilliant guests.

It’s so important to me that we click
If you love what you have seen here we are half way there.
Photography means a lot to you.
You ‘Get” why it’s an important investment

You know you need an experienced photographer that you can completely trust.
You’re well up for running outside just before the sun sets for 5 minutes with me and your new husband / wife


To find out more about how I work with you on your wedding day and to check that I have your date available get in touch. I will only accept 20-25 weddings a year and that means dates go very quickly.