A wedding at the Globe on Southbank is bound to be pretty special and Jess and Steve’s wedding was epic. It was such a hot day but these two held it together and looked super cool all day. I love that they chose such an iconic London location, amazing for photographs. Jess looked stunning and Steve looked very handsome, they were brilliant photograph and so up for going for a little wander to Millennium Bridge. That was fab, complete with a cheers and applause from about all the onlookers.

The Globe is a gorgeous venue, of course and the whole day was brilliant fun. The kids stole the show a little bit as they were so cute and pretty hilarious with it. All the guest were fun and up for having an brilliant time which gives the day such a great energy.

All in all this was a brilliant day, amazing location and beautiful people.


Entertainment form the amazing Sister Sax

Makeup by the brilliant ( always!) Harriet

Thank you to Andy Hill for brilliant second shooting xx

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