A Tunnels Beach wedding

A Stunning Tunnels Beach Wedding

Rebecca and Tom had the most stunning  Tunnels Beach wedding in Devon this summer. Rebecca looked so beautiful, a perfect english rose and Tom look like the happiest man alive all day!. And I love a bride and groom who will climb over rocks to get the perfect shots in the evening light

JMS-2465 copy

I first met Becky and Tom when I photographed Tom’s sisters wedding 4 years ago (Anna and Matt, another of my all time faves!) and it was so lovely to see everyone again. There was such a fantastic atmosphere all day at this wedding. Tom and Becky are perfect together and everyone enjoyed celebrating that in this beautiful setting.

And you can’t have a wedding on the beach without someone skinny dipping at sunset!!

Thank you Becky and Tom for having us as part of this amazing day in this stunning location.

Second shooting by Andy Hill

The outstanding venue: Tunnels Beach

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