A New York destination wedding in Central Park

A New York Destination Wedding


Jody and Rob married in Central Park last month and it was amazing. A few years ago I went on a bit of a soul searching solo trip to the US and found myself sat at a diner counter in Coney Island alone pondering my future. Fast forward 4 years and I’m back at that exact spot shooting day one of this brilliant wedding with my husband. I guess you really don’t know what lies ahead!

Jody has always followed my work and when she said she wanted me to come with her, Rob and 15 of their nearest and dearest I was over the moon. They both have a deep affinity with New York and having their wedding there suited them perfectly. They started the celebrations with a trip to Coney Island on Friday. I love it here, it feels odd to  get on the subway in Manhattan and pretty soon after walk along a beautiful beach. It’s also super tacky and loud and brash and pulls all of that off beautifully.

So we did a few pre wedding shots here and I love them. We ended up with Jody dancing in the ocean, she looked so bloody happy!!!

Wedding morning arrives and Andy heads off to hotelsixty six on lower east side to photograph the boys getting ready. I head to Harlem to shoot Bridal prep. There’s a sentence I’ve never used before! Jody got herself ready and got into her amazing Joanne Fleming bespoke dress with the help of her friend Scott. My favourite part of the morning was when we were waiting for our cab and the guys across the street were shouting out how beautiful she was, so cool.

The ceremony was by the water at Wagner’s Cove ( hello mosquitos) and was hilarious. Jody’s Mum had got lost and arrived with about a second to spare full of life and laughter ( love her) and the celebrant called Jody Rob’s husband and his phone went off during the vows, twice! He just rejected the calls and didn’t miss a beat, he was fab!

After that we went for some rather chaotic group photos and cupcakes in the park. I forgot to mention all this was happening in 31 degree heat, I’m not sure how we didn’t melt into little puddles.

So for the couples shots we wanted to go to so may locations but midtown traffic doesn’t really allow for that. My friend Kevin did us the honour of driving us around and we couldn’t have managed without a crazy native newyorker to negotiate the madness of manhattan traffic (thanks for not running anyone over Kevin)

At Times Square we rushed out of the car to get the most New York scene possible, you’ll know it when you see it!. I loved seeing Jody and Rob get so much attention and totally rock being a bride and groom in the middle of New York City.

This wedding will forever be one of my all-time favourites. It was an amazing experience and I got to shoot with my super talented husband Andy who did a brilliant job. I adore the shots he got of the boys and the many, may others that are include in this post.

Jody and Rob, we wish you all the happiness you deserve and we are forever friends, bonded in NYC awesomeness xxx


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