A London pre wedding shoot with Megan and Steve

I do love a London pre wedding shoot and Megan and Steve and I had great fun. I like to use architecture in my images and what better place than London town. We also wanted to avoid the obvious touristy spots, no need for any cheesy shots just cos its a pre wedding shoot. We met on Southbank but didn’t shoot there, we went to the streets behind and still managed to get great views of The Shard and Tate Modern. I love what Megan wore too, a perfect pop of colour in her yellow skirt, looking cool and comfortable. Pre weddings shoots just help so much in getting my couples comfortable and by the time we shot their wedding this weekend we are all on the same page and totally comfortable with each other. (Amazing wedding by the way, can’t wait to share it!!)

If you are worried about being photographed for your wedding take the time to have a pre wedding shoot, it will make all the difference. London pre weddings shoots are always fantastic as the options are endless. Also a lot of my couples come from all parts of the country and it can be a good halfway point for us all to meet up.


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