A Brighton family shoot, a little glimpse into family life….

A Brighton Family shoot

I had such a lovely time on this Brighton family shoot with the always lovely Biddles. Family shoots have really changed over the years. A reason I avoided them for a long time was this need to have everyone facing the camera and looking like they never would on a normal day.

Documentary family photography, or reportage family photography captures a family in a much more honest and fun way. So much happens in just an hour when babies and toddlers are involved!

You will have seen Angela and Andy on here before, for their pre wedding shoot and epic wedding in the south of France a few years back. Well, fast forward and say hello to the very handsome Aiden and his beautiful little brother Zachary. I hung out with them in their flat right in the middle of the North Lanes in Brighton last weekend.

And here is the result, a tiny little glimpse into the lives of being Mum and Dad to 2 gorgeous little boys. Lots of cuddles, running around, tantrums, tears, snotty noses and hanging upside down. And that was just me!!

I am full of admiration for what these guys do, working hard at raising two beauitiful boys and doing an awesome job of it too. It’s lovely to see a couple through from planning their wedding right up to being a proper little family.


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