A beautiful Nonsuch Mansion wedding, Echo and Chris

Echo and Chris had a beautiful Nonsuch Mansion wedding this summer. Echo looked AMAZING!!!!!! And she wore two dresses! Why wear one killer dress when you can wear two! Nonsuch Mansion is a gorgeous venue and I love that it has a dedicated suite for the bride to get ready in. Echo and her bridesmaids were such fun to photograph on the morning of the wedding. The ceremony was really beautiful with Chris and Echo performing a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for their parents at the end.

Echo had a clear vision for what she wanted on the day and Nonsuch Mansion was decorated beautifully.

We weren’t blessed with amazing weather but we made it work and found some shelter from the crazy wind for some gorgeous couples portraits.

The evening reception saw Echo change into her stunning red dress and then she and Chris performed the best first wedding dance! After that it was just party central with everyone rocking out for the rest of the evening. Such a fun, lively bunch!

This lovely couple are so kind, sweet and incredibly clever. Echo has this adorable sweetness and Chris has this lovely the calm presence. I only see good times ahead for this pair.

Thank you to Andy for second shooting with me again on this wedding.

Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Dorelli http://stephaniedorelli.com/
Flowers: Mad Lilies https://www.madlilies.co.uk/
Video: Love Storage http://www.lovestorage.co.uk///www.lovestorage.co.uk/
Dress: Watters from London Bride Couture http://londonbridecouture.com/

nonsuchmansion0001 wedding flowers on a mantlepiece Nonsuch Mansion ceremony room wedding dress hanging in Nonsuch Mansion wedding dress hanging in nonsuch mansion wedding and evening dress hanging in nonsuch mansion wedding flowers at nonsuch mansion bride getting ready surrounded by her bridesmaids groom getting ready at nonsuch mansion groom tying shoelaces bridesmaid putting on lipstick in a LOVE mirror bride reflected in mirror having her makeup done at nonsuch mansion chinese bride reflected in mirror bride looking out the window before her wedding at nonsuch mansion wedding bridesmaids laughing wearing matching robes chinese bride reflected in mirror wedding guests through an open doorgroomsman through a window Chinese bride getting ready with her mother looking on chinese bride looking in a mirror nonsuchmansion0021 nonsuchmansion0022 nonsuchmansion0023 nonsuchmansion0024 nonsuchmansion0025 nonsuchmansion0026 nonsuchmansion0027 chinese bride wearing white wedding dress chinese bride wearing white wedding dress in black and white black and white photo of chinese bride having her makeup done in mirror nonsuchmansion0031 nonsuchmansion0033 nonsuchmansion0034 nonsuchmansion0035 nonsuchmansion0036 nonsuchmansion0037 nonsuchmansion0038 nonsuchmansion0039 nonsuchmansion0040 nonsuchmansion0041 nonsuchmansion0042 nonsuchmansion0043 nonsuchmansion0044 nonsuchmansion0045 nonsuchmansion0046 nonsuchmansion0047 nonsuchmansion0048 nonsuchmansion0049 nonsuchmansion0050 nonsuchmansion0051 nonsuchmansion0052 nonsuchmansion0053 nonsuchmansion0054 nonsuchmansion0055 nonsuchmansion0056 nonsuchmansion0057 nonsuchmansion0058 nonsuchmansion0059 nonsuchmansion0060 nonsuchmansion0061 nonsuchmansion0062 nonsuchmansion0063 nonsuchmansion0064 nonsuchmansion0065 nonsuchmansion0066 nonsuchmansion0067 nonsuchmansion0068 nonsuchmansion0069 nonsuchmansion0070 nonsuchmansion0071 nonsuchmansion0072 nonsuchmansion0073 nonsuchmansion0074 nonsuchmansion0075 nonsuchmansion0076 nonsuchmansion0078 nonsuchmansion0079 nonsuchmansion0080 nonsuchmansion0081 nonsuchmansion0082 nonsuchmansion0083 nonsuchmansion0084 nonsuchmansion0085 nonsuchmansion0086 nonsuchmansion0087 nonsuchmansion0088 nonsuchmansion0089 nonsuchmansion0090 nonsuchmansion0091 nonsuchmansion0092 nonsuchmansion0093 nonsuchmansion0094 nonsuchmansion0095 nonsuchmansion0096 nonsuchmansion0097 nonsuchmansion0098 nonsuchmansion0099 nonsuchmansion0100 nonsuchmansion0101 nonsuchmansion0102 nonsuchmansion0103 nonsuchmansion0104 nonsuchmansion0105 nonsuchmansion0106 nonsuchmansion0107 nonsuchmansion0108 nonsuchmansion0109 nonsuchmansion0110

This story is so beautiful!

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