The Best Of 2018

This year consisted of weddings up a mountain in The French Alps, A winery in Tuscany, A Town Hall in Paris and many, many more close to home here in Brighton. I have met THE best people, I feel sad letting 2018 go but am so excited about what’s coming next

Well I have finally got round to doing a Best of. I’ve actually never done one, not sure why. As I started to put this together I realised it was the moments I really wanted to show. All the “Posh” stuff is on display elsewhere on the site, in my portfolio or the blog. This is all the great moments that happened here and there between you and your guests. So these really are the images that made me smile or just drew me in because of the light or colours or other arty reasons. Mainly though it’s people being really happy! It’s Friday evening as I write this and I have been smiling all day looking at the faces on here. These are the kind of photos you will get when you book me. As well as all the lovely couple portraits you’ll get shots of your friends and families just having the best day ever because you two met, fell in love, decided to get married and got all of these wonderful people together for a one off amazing day. Isn’t life grand!!!

Enjoy xx

bridesmaid having fun bride and groom on brighton beach Bride and groom under a double rainbow in the french alps two brides laughing in front of black door   If You like what you see here please get in touch Contact Me