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Brighton Wedding Photographer

“We were stunned by the tiny moments she captured, the big, gorgeous ones and how she shot the life of the day, she got it all”

Over 800 beautiful weddings photographed across the UK and worldwide

Authentic & Creative Photography

The couples I work with want very natural, unobtrusive photography with a creative feel. My photography is all about life, love, light and lots of laughs!

The human connections and personalities added to that mix is where the magic is.

I’m a Brighton wedding photographer and I work all over the UK and beyond. My style is totally relaxed, informal and full of life.

One of the UK’s most experienced and sought after wedding photographers.

Have a good look at my work, get to know what I do. See how I use light for creative portraits and how I capture the fun and life of the whole day. And also know that I stay well after the first dance!

When you’re happy you’ve liked what you’ve seen get in touch to check I have your date available!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you

I love to hear from couples who are planning weddings of all sizes. I am based in Brighton so a lot of people come here for a more key wedding. Same goes for London and I shoot a lot of town hall weddings there. Get in touch to let me know what you're planning!

Brighton weddings, London, weddings, destination weddings, I am happy shooting anywhere so lets talk soon. Always check my availability as soon as you can.

Brighton Wedding Photographer

On your wedding day you will want to know you have hired people who are experts in their field. You need to trust that your photographer will provide you with beautiful photos that mean the world to you. You also need to know that they are confident enough to work in all types of surroundings, time constraints and lightning conditions. There are no second chances!
As a Brighton Wedding photographer I work here in Brighton, in London, all over Sussex as well as all around the UK. I also shoot quite a few destinations weddings.
I have 5 star reviews from all my clients and am one of the most experienced, acomplished photographers working in the UK right now.

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