I just had a lovely week at home in Ireland and wanted to share a few scenic images with you.These were shot in West Cork and one early morning in North Cork.

DSC_7413 copy DSC_7555 copy DSC_7554 copy DSC_7553 copy DSC_7543 copy DSC_7533 copy DSC_7531 copy DSC_7523 copy DSC_7521 copy DSC_7512 copy DSC_7510 copy DSC_7507 copy DSC_7497 copy DSC_7496 copy DSC_7495 copy DSC_7491 copy DSC_7489 copy DSC_7488 copy DSC_7483 copy DSC_7478 copy DSC_7477 copy DSC_7476 copy DSC_7475 copy DSC_7471 copy DSC_7468 copy DSC_7463 copy DSC_7448 copy DSC_7445 copy DSC_7440 copy DSC_7437 copy DSC_7435 copy DSC_7432 copy DSC_7429 copy DSC_7421 copy DSC_7417 copy DSC_7414 copy