I have worked a s a photographer for almost 20 years, shooting weddings, portraits, publicity photos and press photographs all over the UK, Ireland and overseas.
I’m originally from Cork in Ireland,  and have been living in the UK for 17 years. Before that my entry into professional photography was as a press photographer rather randomly in Prague, Czech Republic. Having started my career working for other photographers (this generally involved me bugging them until they let me work for them). I branched out on my own full time in 2000. In 16 years I have of course gone from shooting film to shooting and editing digitally. I still love film but I also love the control working with digital gives me.
My passion for photography grows constantly and I feel so lucky to make a living as a photographer and for such a long time. I genuinely love taking photos, it sounds cheesy but I still see creating an image as a kind of magic.  I’m a real people watcher (with or without my camera!) so being a photographer satisfies my natural curiosity perfectly.

I shoot with Nikon D750 cameras and on the best Nikon prime lenses. I love to shoot in natural light where possible. My background before becoming a photographer was in photographic printing. This gave me great training in how color works and how to get the best out of black and white. In my downtime I shoot with the the gorgous Fujifilm x100t camera and it’s prefect for taking on my frequent travels.

I’m also super lucky to work with my husband Andy. He takes a major role in running the business side of things as well working as a second photographer. He’s the prefect second shooter, discreet and fabulous at picking up on those extra details and emotions of the day.
My Style is relaxed and informal with an eye for fine details and a view to creating strong and vibrant images. My job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and I feel the images you see here on the site show you that I’m pretty good at that!!